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Milk Reinvented: Sustainable. Kind. Delicious.

We craft animal-free dairy products that taste like the real thing.

Why Animal-Free?

We wanted a way to enjoy the dairy products we love - with zero compromise.

So we created Perfect Day: milk crafted without the help of a single cow (hey, she could use a day off). It's made to be more nutritious, safe, and sustainable than factory-farmed dairy. And it tastes just like cow's milk!

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Dairy Without Compromise








Hormone, Antibiotic, and Steroid-Free




More Food Safe


Longer Shelf Life



Our Process

How do we do it? With natural resources and human ingenuity. Instead of having cows do all the work, we make our milk with a process similar to craft brewing. Using yeast and age-old fermentation techniques, we make the very same milk proteins that cows make.

Then we add a special mix of plant-based sugars, fats, and minerals to make a totally new kind of dairy milk without stabilizers, hormones, lactose, or other nonsense.

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Dairy Yeast

Sourced from the USDA, ours is a natural dairy yeast nurtured by science.

Dairy Yeast

Like cows, our yeast needs to graze to make milk proteins. Instead of grass, we feed our yeast sugar from renewable sources.


This age-old process (used to brew beer, leaven bread, and make pickles) transforms sugar into real milk proteins.

Milk Proteins

Thanks to our yeast, who we lovingly call Buttercup, Perfect Day contains the very same protein found in cow's milk.

Milk Proteins

Perfect Day has the vitamins and minerals found in cow's milk, like calcium and vitamin D, plus other powerhouses like omega-3's.

Plant Fats & Sugars

Plant-powered for the perfect taste, texture, and mouthfeel — with none of the cholesterol or lactose found in cow's milk.

Plant Fats & Sugars

A Few of Your Favorite Things

Perfect Day is the perfect base to craft all of your favorite dairy products.

Chocolate Milk
Ice Cream

A Smaller Hoofprint

We worked with a team of conservation biologists to understand the environmental impact of our process.

Here are some early (but exciting) numbers.

91% Less Land Usage
98% Less Water Consumption
84% Less Greenhouse Gas Emissions
65% Less Energy Consumption
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The Latest

"No one has attempted to replicate one of the most basic and ubiquitous foodstuffs of all: milk."

"Muufri could be the answer to feeding our growing global population, set to reach 9 billion by 2050, without the strain on the environment created by raising cows for milk."

"If we could make milk the same way we make beer, the environmental benefits would be huge."

"The purpose of the company is not just to produce a beverage that can be enjoyed by 75% of the world’s population, who are lactose-intolerant. They also want to reduce our dependence on animals."

"Milk Grown in a Lab Is Humane and Sustainable. But Can It Catch On?"

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