We’ve done our best to answer every question we could think of. But before we start, let us answer your first question: Yes, there will be Perfect Day chocolate milk.

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What is animal-free dairy milk?


Animal-free dairy milk is just like cow’s milk because it’s crafted with real milk proteins (casein and whey), but is made without a single cow. Perfect Day is the first of its kind and delivers the same delicious taste and texture as cow’s milk, but without the harmful side effects or allergens present in dairy milk. Our process is more humane, eco-friendly, and sustainable than industrial dairy production.

Why animal-free dairy milk?


We were hungry for a solution that empowered you to help make the world a kinder, greener place without giving up the delicious dairy foods you love.

Our products are cleaner, greener, and kinder than dairy produced by factory farming. At scale, crafting Perfect Day could use up to 98% less water, 91% less land, 84% less greenhouse gas emissions, and 65% less energy than typical industrial dairy production. *Based on preliminary lifecycle analysis results — click here for more information.

We completely control our process from end to end, which ensures our products are free of the food safety and bacterial contamination risks that come with dairy products. They also have a longer shelf life.

How’s your milk different from dairy alternatives like soy, almond, or hemp milk?


Similar to dairy alternatives, our milk is vegan, lactose-free, safer, and more humane than cow’s milk made from factory farming. But because we use real milk proteins to craft our products, we’re able to achieve the same delicious taste, texture, and versatility of cow’s milk, while being nutritionally superior in every way.

Where can I find your milk?


Our products aren’t yet available in stores, but we hope to bring them to supermarket shelves in late 2017. Stay tuned! Sign up for our newsletter to receive updates.

When will you start selling your products?


We’re hard at work perfecting our recipes and won’t launch anything until it perfectly captures the delicious taste and texture of our favorite dairy products. We hope to be in market in late 2017. But, if you just can’t wait to get your hands on it, you’re welcome to drop by our brewery in Berkeley, CA and try some samples!

Where will your products be sold?


We hope to be in retailers all over the world, as we grow our manufacturing capacity.

How much will your products cost?


Our goal is to create products that are widely accessible, so we will try to keep the price as low as possible. As we grow and scale, this will become even easier to do.

Do you plan to make products other than milk?


You betcha. We’re taking input on what our initial offerings should be: click here to tell us about your favorite dairy products!

How do you make animal-free dairy milk?


Our products are made from real milk proteins combined with plant-based (lactose-free) sugar, healthy plant fats, vitamins and minerals. They have the same taste and texture as cow’s milk, but pack in more nutrition with no food safety or contamination concerns.

All of these ingredients are familiar to your body. The magic of Perfect Day is our ability to make real milk proteins without using a single cow.

Just like humans had to domesticate cows (from wild aurochs) before we could farm them, our process is possible because we’ve developed dairy yeast that can produce milk proteins. Here’s how it works: we received a standard yeast from the USDA to ensure that it was safe and well-understood. In this stage, this yeast doesn’t do anything: it’s like a blank CD.

We gave this yeast a “blueprint” that allows it to ferment sugar and create real milk proteins. This is the very same blueprint, in the form of DNA, that cows use every day. Our yeast, which we lovingly call Buttercup, is now a milk protein-making machine that’s 100% food-safe.

Our proteins are made in a process akin to craft brewing, using fermentation (we call it “yeast farming”). This process is much cleaner and more resource-efficient than animal farming, and it’s the cornerstone of our new approach to dairy.

Is your process kind of like making beer?


Yes. Our process relies on old-world fermentation techniques. We often describe it as dairy meets craft brewing.

Is Perfect Day gluten free?


Yes, all of our products are 100% gluten free and contain no wheat, rye, nor barley.

Does Perfect Day contain lactose?


Our products are 100% lactose-free and perfect for people with lactose sensitivities or allergies.

Is Perfect Day safe for people with milk allergies?


At this time, our products contain real milk proteins and shouldn’t be consumed by people with casein or other milk protein allergies or sensitivities. However, we’re already working on hypoallergenic innovations, so stay tuned.

Are your products vegan?


Yes! They’re 100% vegan with zero compromise on taste and nutrition.

Are your products cholesterol free?


Yup! They’re 100% free of animal fats and cholesterol.

What’s the nutrition information for your products?


We’re hard at work on product development and will share the nutrition information for our products as soon as it’s available.

What is casein?


Casein is the main protein found in milk. It’s the secret behind milk’s culinary versatility and nutrition, including calcium absorption and cheese curd formation. It’s also one of the healthiest and most bioavailable proteins on the planet, boasting a perfect score on the World Health Organization’s digestibility index. (Yes, that’s a thing. So smart, right?)

Are your products organic?


Although our products do not meet the USDA’s definition of organic, we champion clean, responsible, and sustainable agriculture; we fight to preserve natural resources and biodiversity; and of course, we support animal health and welfare. Per USDA organic guidelines, processors can’t use genetic engineering in any step of the production process. This is the only condition we don’t meet or exceed. We only rely on genetic engineering to give our yeast the ability to ferment sugar to make real milk proteins. We do not use any of the yeast, only the resulting milk proteins, in the finished product.

Does your milk contain GMOs?


Our products are 100% free of genetically-modified organisms. However, we relied on genetic engineering to create a type of yeast that produces milk proteins. This is how vegetarian rennet, ethical vanilla, insulin, and many other everyday products are made.
We carefully filter and purify our milk proteins to ensure they’re 100% free of any yeast before adding them to our food products — this is why we can be sure they’re totally non-GMO.

Are you against all dairy farms?


We’re against unsustainable and unethical farming practices, which are often used in factory farms. But we wholeheartedly support the countless dairy farmers across the globe who use sustainable farming practices and genuinely care for their animals.

We envision a world where small, family farms can thrive. And one where solutions exist to make enough delicious dairy to feed our growing planet, without having to rely on factory farms.

Are you hiring?


We’re always looking for the best and the brightest minds who are hungry to make the world a kinder, greener place. If you think you have what it takes, we’d love to hear from you! Check out our Careers Page. If you don’t see the position you’re looking for, shoot your resume tocareers@perfectdayfoods.com.

How can I get involved?


Sign up for our newsletter to hear the latest updates, and find out how you can support animal-free milk!

Can I invest?


We love talking to people who want to put their money to work in the pursuit of a smarter food system. If you’re an accredited investor with a mission-driven portfolio, we’d love to talk. You can email us at invest@perfectdayfoods.com for more information.

Where can I learn more?


You can also check out our sister site, animalfreemilk.com.

How can I get in touch?


Don’t be a stranger! You can always reach us at hello@perfectdayfoods.com, or through our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram handles.

When did you start Perfect Day?


We launched on April 15, 2014.

Didn’t your company used to be called Muufri?


Our company name was Muufri when we launched, but after feedback from fans and friends — we changed our name to Perfect Day in August 2016.

What’s the name Perfect Day mean?


The name Perfect Day was inspired by a Lou Reed song. Two scientists discovered that calm, happy cows produce the most milk. And cows are happier when they listen to music! One of the songs that made cows produce the most milk was the song ‘Perfect Day’ by Lou Reed. (Who knew cows were so cool?) As a company on a mission to make cows, people, and the planet happier, it seemed like a perfect fit.

How is your product vegan or animal-free if it contains casein?


We’ve developed a way to make casein – the same protein found in cow’s milk – without using cows. Instead, our casein is made using dairy yeast that eat sugar and transform it into milk protein. This means that there is no animal involvement whatsoever and our products are totally animal-free and vegan-friendly.