Perfect Day

  1. Change the process.
    Not the food.

    See The Process
    Dairy Made Perfect

    We make the foods you love in the most compassionate, sustainable, and delicious ways possible — starting in the dairy aisle.

  2. Kinder,
    Greener Dairy

    Animal-Free Dairy

    Finally, a new option for dairy lovers and plant-based fans alike. We’ve invented the world’s first real milk proteins made without animals, so you can enjoy the real taste, texture, and nutrition of dairy, produced sustainably, without the downsides of factory farming, lactose, hormones, or antibiotics.

  3. The Power of


    Perfect Day dairy protein is created by fermentation, not cows. We work with the same safe, well-established technology that’s used to make everyday staples like vitamins and probiotics.

  4. Luscious Animal-Free Cheese, Yogurt, and Ice Cream. All Made With Perfect Day.

    We’re partnering with some of the world’s greatest brands, leading the charge to bring you the creamy deliciousness of animal-free dairy.

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