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Perfect Day’s animal-free dairy protein is the same nutritious protein found in cow’s milk (casein and whey), but made without a single cow thanks to the magic of microflora.

Our flora-made dairy protein is the perfect base for dairy foods, ensuring the great taste and texture of dairy, with less impact on the earth.

We wanted to enjoy the dairy foods we love without compromising on taste or our commitment to animals and the environment. Flora-made protein is as nutritious and delicious as traditional dairy protein, but with less impact on the earth.

Unlike many alternative proteins, which are made from soy, nuts or other plants, Perfect Day’s protein is exactly the same as the protein that comes from cows. Historically, dairy protein could only come from cows, but our protein is produced by fermentation in microflora.

Perfect Day dairy protein is vegan and lactose-free, and provides the same, high-quality nutritional benefits as milk protein from cows while ensuring delicious taste, texture and functionality when used in dairy applications. This allows food makers to create entirely new products or build on existing ones to improve how we eat today and for years to come.

We’ve developed dairy microflora that can produce the casein and whey proteins historically found in milk.

We started with a natural type of microflora known to produce large amounts of pure protein for food. Using biotechnology, we gave this flora a “blueprint” that allows it to ferment sugar and create real dairy protein. This is the very same blueprint, in the form of DNA, which cows use every day.

Our protein is made using safe and proven fermentation techniques similar to how many common food components like vitamins, probiotics, enzymes, and natural flavors are made.

Our process is much cleaner and more resource-efficient than animal farming, and it’s the cornerstone of our new approach to dairy.

Flora is an encompassing term for many kinds of tiny organisms that include yeast, bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms that are friendly to humans, i.e., similar to probiotics.

Yes! Flora-made dairy protein is produced without the use of animals and with zero compromise on taste and nutrition.

No! Our dairy protein is 100% lactose-free.

No! Our dairy protein is completely hormone and antibiotic-free.

We are currently in the process of obtaining Kosher certification for our flora-made protein. Like all food ingredients, our protein could end up in co-branded products that contain other components which are not kosher. Please refer to product packaging to determine whether an individual product is kosher.

Yes! Our dairy protein is gluten-free and does not contain wheat, rye or barley.

Please note, however, that some products which incorporate our protein may also contain gluten.

Yes. Safety is of paramount interest to us and we have been working closely with regulatory agencies in multiple countries since our company was founded in 2014. Our non-animal whey protein has been confirmed as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS), and has received a “no-objections” letter from the United States FDA.

Since what we make is real dairy protein (casein and whey), we encourage you to take the same precautions with products containing our protein as you would with any other food containing dairy, and to rely on the expertise of a health professional.

Our policy is to include an allergen disclaimer on products containing Perfect Day flora-made dairy protein, e.g. “Contains milk protein.”

No, flora-made protein does not contain GMOs.

The microflora we work with are really good at producing different kinds of protein naturally. We simply give them instructions for producing exactly the type of protein we want — in this case, the milk proteins casein and whey. We then filter out the modified flora, leaving only pure protein.

In other words, genetic modification is part of our process, but it is not present in the final product.

Fluid milk is one of the many products we’re developing with partners. If you know of, work for, own, or are thinking of starting a brand that might want to incorporate flora-made dairy protein, drop us a line!

We’ve recently announced our first partnership! Check out the TASTE page on our website to find out what, where, and how to get your hands on the first products made with Perfect Day. We are continuing to forge partnerships with food makers around the world that will enable us to bring a whole variety of new animal-free products to market.

The future of food is NOW! We are partnering with some of the most well-known food and dairy companies in the world, and are excited to share which companies are helping us launch a whole variety of new animal-free products. Visit our TASTE page to find out what, where, and how to get your hands on the first products powered by Perfect Day. Expect to see even more offerings on the market within the next couple of years.

The recommended wording on an ingredient label is “non-animal whey protein.”

This is intended to make clear to people that the protein is nutritionally identical to the protein found in cow’s milk, but that it is a non-animal variant. (We understand that the phrase flora-made is not very common yet.)

Products containing flora-made dairy protein are required to include an allergen disclaimer as well. For more information, see our FAQ about milk allergies.

Our company name was Muufri when we launched in April 2014, but after feedback from fans and friends, we changed our name to Perfect Day in August 2016.

The name Perfect Day was indirectly inspired by a Lou Reed song.

A few years ago, two dairy scientists discovered that calm, happy cows produce the most milk. And cows are happier when they listen to music! One of the songs that made cows produce the most milk was the song ‘Perfect Day’ by Lou Reed. (Who knew cows were so cool?)

As a company on a mission to make cows, people, and the planet happier, it seemed like a perfect fit.

We’re always looking for the best and the brightest minds who are hungry to make the world a kinder, greener place. If you think you have what it takes, we’d love to hear from you! Check out our Join Us page, where you can apply for our open positions directly.

If you have always wanted to start a food company, we’d love to help you launch the next awesome brand with products powered by Perfect Day. Click here to learn more!

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