How can dairy be vegan ~and~ lactose-free? It’s a great question, and we get it all the time! Here’s how we do it without any cows in the process: Dairy protein is the magic ingredient that gives cow’s milk all the textures and flavors you love. It’s what makes ice cream creamy, your morning latte frothy, and what makes food lovers salivate when that cheese pull seemingly never ends (you know who you are). We found a way to recreate dairy protein completely from flora – a teeny, tiny organism that can make all kinds of different proteins. We “teach” our flora how to make dairy protein and produce lots of it via fermentation. Because the flora produce dairy protein that’s identical to protein in cow’s milk, our animal-free dairy has all the same familiar qualities. That’s why we advise you to take precaution if you have a milk protein allergy. However, if you’re vegan, lactose intolerant, veg-curious, a dairy die-hard, environmentally conscious, or some combo of the above, you can enjoy Perfect Day’s animal-free dairy with none of the downsides. Hungry now? Take our survey for a chance to win 4 pints of Smitten N’Ice Cream made with Perfect Day! Got more questions? Drop a comment, DM us, or email us,!

Posted on May 22, 2020