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“We can’t help it. We love cheese.”

- Ryan and Perumal

What started in 2014 with two guys, a big idea, and a shared passion for cheese, has quickly grown into a company on a mission to create a world of delicious animal-free dairy products. We thought: Why give up our favorite foods? There must be a better way. And so we brought together a diverse team of chefs, food developers, scientists, engineers, and marketers to achieve this goal.

Our Mission

To empower you to enjoy the dairy foods you love while making the world a kinder, greener place. Zero compromise required.


The name Perfect Day? As two scientists discovered, dairy cows who listen to soothing music like the Lou Reed song 'Perfect Day' are calmer, happier, and produce more milk.

Our Team

Ryan Pandya

Co-Founder / CEO

Perumal Gandhi


Tim Geistlinger, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer

Bonney Oommen, Ph.D.

Chief Product & Strategy Officer

Hendrik Meerman, Ph.D.

Vice President of Process Development

Ravi Jhala

Head of Food Development

Katharine Richards

Senior Director of Marketing & Communications

Joellen Grady

Director of People and Culture

Reid Takahashi


Timo Schuerg, Ph.D.

Lead of Strain Engineering

Wendy Yoder, Ph.D.

Scientist III, Strain Engineering

Tim Johnson

Associate Scientist, Strain Engineering

Sara Margozzi

Research Associate II, Strain Engineering

Brian Darst

Research Associate I, Strain Engineering

Bala Ramesh, Ph.D.

Scientist II, Screening

Neal Oliver

Research Associate II, Screening

Han Chen

Senior Engineer, Process Development

Clay Horiuchi, Ph.D.

Senior Engineer, Process Development - Downstream Processing

Rachel Doolittle

Engineer II, Process Development

Arun Vudem

Research Associate II, Fermentation

Beth Lindahl

Research Associate I, Fermentation

Daniel Goodman

Research Associate I, Fermentation

Ysh Schwartz

Research Associate I, Screening

Kumkum Tirumalasetty

Research Associate I, Fermentation / Downstream Processing

Heather Jensen, Ph.D.

Scientist III, Analytics

Michael Saad

Research Associate I, Analytics

Ty Wagoner, Ph.D.

Food Scientist

Poonam Bajaj, Ph.D.

Food Scientist I

Cole Bielen

Associate Food Scientist

Marian Corpus

Research Associate II, Fermentation

Shayri RoyChoudhury

Director, Technology Transfer & Process Engineering

Denise Lapidus

Lab / Facilities Manager

Kathleen Nay

PR & Communications Specialist

Vincent Wu, Ph.D.

Scientist I

Cynthia Xu

Research Associate I, Analytics

Alan Yee

Lab Tech II

Mario Marquez

Process Engineer III, Technology Transfer & Process Engineering

Yoana Maldonado

Lab Tech I

Juliette Laoyan

Process Engineer II, Technology Transfer & Process Engineering

Mitchell Bovey

Lab Tech I

Heather Roth

Research Associate II, Fermentation

Frankie Manea, Ph.D.

Scientist I, Analytics

Irene Liang

Research Associate I, Fermentation

Guen Prawiroatmodjo

Software Engineer II

Sascha Weiss

Research Chef

Sarah Leslie

Research Scientist I

Rahul Butala

Scientist II