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FORTUNE | Jul 11, 2019

The First ‘Animal-Free’ Ice Cream Hits the Market

Biotech startup Perfect Day is releasing an ice cream today it's calling the world’s first animal-free dairy product, available in a limited run.

Food Navigator USA | Jul 11, 2019

Perfect Day Gives Fans First Taste of Animal-Free Dairy with Limited Edition Ice Cream Release

Perfect Day, a start-up producing whey and casein via microbial fermentation (minus the cows) is giving fans a first taste of its animal-free proteins via a limited edition release of ice cream sold directly to consumers via its website.

ENTREPRENEUR | Jul 11, 2019

This Plant-Based Food Startup Just Launched an Ice Cream You’ll Probably Never Try, But That’s Not the Point

Perfect Day isn't trying to become the next big ice cream brand.