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Quora Sessions | Oct 08, 2019

Quora Session with Perfect Day Cofounders

Perfect Day cofounders Perumal and Ryan answered questions about how flora is driving food innovation, the global challenges ahead of us, what led them to become entrepreneurs in their 20s, and more.

Bloomberg Government | Aug 20, 2019

Move Over, Fake Meat – Cow-less Milk and Cheese Are On The Way

Cow-less dairy startup Perfect Day put 1,000 pints of its cell-based ice cream up for sale on its website at $60 for three pints, and sold out in hours.

NPR The Salt | Aug 02, 2019

Dairy Ice Cream, No Cow Needed: These Egg and Milk Proteins are Made Without Animals

Earlier today, I ate a scoop of chocolate ice cream – creamy and pleasantly fatty feeling in my mouth. This would hardly seem newsworthy, except for the high-tech ingredient that made my frozen treat go down so smoothly: dairy proteins produced in a lab, no cows needed. (Photo: Olivia Falcigno/NPR)